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30 years






Last updated - 07/12/11


Double dip-and-bake cycle on a temperature controlled oven





Staff that dedicated their working lives to the electric motor repair industry


Our commitment begins the moment you CALL

63(49) 545 2043

Our main focus is to provide excellent service, distinct workmanship and the use of only superior materials in repairing electrical rotating apparatus

Detailed inspection of all mechanical and electrical parts

Insure efficiency and to provide motor long life

Being electric motor rewind shop, we are committed to discussed issues which include energy efficiency, stator core loss, insulation and on environment

Complete testing including a full voltage run

Verified winding data with a computer verification program

A well-documented quality  assurance  systems and repair history

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 We offer a level of experience in the industry of electric motor repair


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                      We can also redesign the winding to better fit the motor application                        Each rewinded motor is tested following completion of repairs and back by  one year warranty